Faculty of Engineering


  • the history of the Faculty of Engineering dates back to 1965
  • in 2005, the Bologna System was introduced, which aids the compatibility of the qualifications received at the University of Debrecen with other European universities
  • in 2011, the Faculty launched engineering trainings in English
  • the Faculty is home to approximately 3.000 students in total, more than 730 international students and a highly-qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff of about 100 members
  • students are provided with practical knowledge, training and field practice with the help of the numerous prestigious domestic and multi-national industry partners
  • Debrecen is the industrial centre of the Eastern-Hungarian region providing excellent internship and job opportunities at a growing number of companies such as Thyssenkrupp, Schaeffler, Aventics, Diehl Aviation; and the city is going to be home to a BMW Group plant in the near future.
  • internship periods are excellent opportunities for students to experience theory put into practice at the most renowned industry representatives and to become more successful in the labor market in this highly competitive sector
  • the Faculty offers 4 Bsc and 5 MSc courses that are conducted in English and tailored to suit the rapidly changing world of engineering, and launches Vehicle Engineering BSc in September 2021 
  • the Faculty has been a pioneer in the introduction of the Quality Management System at a faculty level, to measure and evaluate the efficiency of its education and teaching staff in order to improve the quality of education and training from the feedback received
  • the Faculty was awarded the Quality Prize by the Ministry of Education in 2011 as a recognition for its efforts in this field


  • the fields of research of Faculty members are very comprehensive, including
    • the examination of the time-dependant mechanical properties of certain engineering materials (silicatebased materials, polymers, metals)
    • the transport processes of the built environment (building physics, building energy performance, the protection of the built environment, environment-oriented engineering, dynamic examination of transport processes)
    • electric (hybrid) Drivetrain development
    • autonomous vehicle testing and development
    • basic research on new battery technology
    • hydrogen storage
  • also, there are significant researches in
    • quality and maintenance management
    • applied mathematics and IT
    • architecture and architectural history.
    • sustainable energy
    • wastewater treatment
    • air and water protection
    • environmental noise measurements
  • a new field that emerged a few years ago concerns intelligent machines, which involves research in the field of
    • production informatics and
    • building automation as an application of mechatronics

General Contact Information

Address: 4028 Debrecen, Ótemető utca 2–4.
Phone: 415-155 / 77750 (Dean’s Office) fax: 418-643

Dean: Dr. Géza Husi


Student Academic Information

International Office
Address: 4028 Debrecen, Ótemető utca 2–4.
Phone: +36 52 512-900/78709, +36 52 415 155/78708
Business hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00-16:00