Hungarian Doctoral Council

The Hungarian Doctoral Council (HDC) is a legally acknowledged voluntary association of universities of Hungary with the following aims:

  • to provide a forum for the universities to articulate their needs and opinions concerning doctoral training,
  • to achieve consensus in different questions related to third-cycle education, and to granting of PhD or DLA degrees,
  • to have a place to discuss and to propose the principles and formula for the Ministry of the distribution of state-funded grants (i.e. 3 years scholarships plus research expenses) for doctoral students among the universities,
  • to develop and maintain a common, up-to-date public data base of all doctoral schools, supervisors and doctoral students in Hungary (Hungarian Doctoral Data Base, HDDB).
  • HDC is non-profit, with its only support being the membership fees from the universities. Members of the HDC are the presidents of the doctoral councils of each university, at present 27 persons. The predecessor of HDC, the Hungarian Doctoral and Habilitation Council (HDHC), was founded in 1994 as a subcommittee of the Hungarian Rectors' Conference. It was reorganized in 2007 as HDC, from this year on with the legal status of an association, defined in the Higher Education Act.


The University of Debrecen is the member of the Hungarian Doctoral Council.

You can find all information about the doctoral schools of the university, core member academic staff or thesis topics on the official website.