Health Insurance

First aid and emergency medical care are free for foreigners, in other cases you have to pay for the treatment.
Hungarian authorities require foreign students to have valid insurance in Hungary.
Health insurance is a precondition for registration each semester for the entire duration of the studies.
The process of obtaining the necessary health insurance depends on your status - fee-paying students and Stipendium Hungariacum Scholarship holders need to follow different steps.



How to obtain a valid insurance?


1. Information for fee-paying students

The University offers a compulsory combined health and travel insurance the fee of which is included in the tuition fee. In case of emergency you can use it all over Hungary BUT in other cases it is valid only at the University, where you will be treated by the University Doctors. The insurance contract is sent to students who are required to apply for a student visa together with their visa documents to be used for visa application as well. 

Please be aware that you will have to go through a medical check up upon arrival. 

For more information please see visit Generali Studium Health Insurance webpage.

New Health Insurance conditions are available, please check them carefully: Product InformationTerms and Conditions, Practical Information


2. Information for students with Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Based on your status as a Stipendium Hungaricum Scholar, you are allowed to use the facilities of the Hungarian social security system after obtaining a valid Hungarian Social Security number.
For this reason, for scholarship holders, one of the first things to do is to get the Hungarian Social Security number and card. You generally need to request the Social Security number during registration or as soon as you have all necessary documents for the application. Please note that we can only request a Social Security number and card for you if you fill out and sign all necessary forms and submit a copy of all necessary documents!


The following documents are necessary for the Social Security (TAJ) number and card application*:

  1. Order form (NYT. 52)

  2. Application form (NYT. 53)

  3. Authorization form (TB NYT. 159)

  4. Passport (copy)

  5. Residence Permit (issued by the Immigration Office) (copy)

  6. Address (Registration) Form (issued by the Immigration Office) (copy)

  7. Letter of Award (issued by Tempus Public Foundation) (copy)

  8. Student Status Certificate (issued by the University)

*first application can be done during your firs personal registration at the University


You can also apply for Social Security (TAJ) card personally in the office of National Health Insurance Fund in Debrecen during their opening hours. It might take less time to receive the card if you apply there personally, and further renewal of your card can also be done here (address: 4026 Debrecen, 11 Darabos Street). If the applicant acts personally, the originals of the necessary documents have to be presented!


Where to go in case of a health problem?

GP's office is located at 4032 Debrecen, 1 Egyetem Square, in the building right behind the Coordinating Center for International Education - Ground Floor of Kossuth Dormitory III.


Office hours:
Monday- Friday, 8.00 - 16.00
Your GPs: Dr. Éva Albók and Dr. Ágnes Bertók
Telephone number for requesting an appointment: +36 30 227 8604 or  +36 30 227 8601 *
*Please always call and book an appointment before visiting the GP's Office!
You can also book your appointment below or on this website:



If your condition requires a consultation with a specialist, your GP will refer you to a specialist of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center.


Emergency care

Ambulance telephone number: 104
Outside the Doctor's office hours or during weekend, students can get health care at the left side of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
Phone: +36 52 40 40 40
Also the Traumatology Department of Kenézy Gyula Hospital (4031 Debrecen, 2-26 Bartók Béla Street) offers treatment in case of emergency 24/7.


The Hungarian word for pharmacy is ‘Gyógyszertár’ or ‘Patika’. These are located all over the city, usually close to the city centre, supermarkets and, at the University Main Campus as well. Opening hours may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy but usually they are open till 7 pm or 8 pm on weekdays. Drug stores, like DM and Rossmann, carry a minimum amount of light medicines, for example pain killers.


DEMEK Mental Health Counselling for International Students

As a student of the UD you have the possibility to receive mental health support that is provided by mental health professionals at the University’s  Mental Health Centre.

Our service includes 1+4 sessions. The very first meeting is for the definition of the problem why you are searching for help and for introduction. After that, 4 sessions are  dedicated to deal with the defined problem itself. We can give support in the following topics: family and relationship problems, conflictual situations, adaptation difficulties  in new situations etc.

We can not provide emergency care, so in case of emergency please visit the ER.






Rules and Regulations to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment for students of the University of Debrecen