English and American Literature, PhD

Doctoral School: Doctoral School of Literature
Doctoral council of disciplinary area: Humanities
Discipline: Literary and cultural studies
Research areas: English and North American literature
Duration: 8 semesters
Starting date: September/February
Language requirements: English language proficiency (TOEFL 600 /IELTS 8.0 /oral examination)
Entry requirements: Relevant master’s degree
Tuition Fee: 6,500 USD/year
One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD


Short description: The Institute of English and American Studies invites graduates of universities other than the University of Debrecen to continue their studies in one of these PhD programs. Only students with a university/MA degree are accepted, based on an interview that evaluates the applicant's scholarly performance, proposed doctoral work, and general professional intelligence. Further professional conditions can be set by the university or faculty councils as well as by the doctoral program committees themselves. Doctoral students may be engaged in teaching in the undergraduate program of the University of Debrecen.

The applicants of the program may choose from the following research areas: British studies, (North) American studies, Canadian studies, Australian studies, literary and cultural studies, American, British, Australian history, comparative literature, film studies, media studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies.

The instructional part of this doctoral program provides students with the theoretical and historical background as well as with analytical skill necessary for the completion of their dissertation, in the disciplines and fields specified above.


Contact: Dr. Gönczy Monika;