Campus life
Admission: The University of Debrecen Leading the Way
22. Jul. 2022
The thresholds for this year’s general admission procedure were announced on Thursday evening. On the website, all applicants could find out which higher education institution they were ...
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The University of Debrecen team has arrived in Lódz
15. Jul. 2022
The University of Debrecen is participating in four sports in this year's European University Games (EUG), represented by a fifty-member delegation at the international multisport event similar to ...
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The first pilots have flown the nest
13. Jul. 2022
The solemn moment was preceded by a long story going back almost a decade. After consultations and negotiations, on September 19, 2014, Wizz Air signed a letter of intent with the Ministry of Foreign ...
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Campus Festival is back – University Square is renewed
06. Jul. 2022
After the last two years, Campus Festival can be fully realized again, with the city’s most significant cultural event offering more than two hundred concerts and at least as many other programs ...
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EUG2024 – Visual Identity Taking Form
30. Jun. 2022
The Operative Organisation Committee of the European University Games held its meeting at UD on Wednesday. It is common knowledge that the University of Debrecen and the University of Miskolc will ...
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The title of MD has been conferred to graduating students of medicine
27. Jun. 2022
“On this pivotal day of your life, the first thought that goes through your mind should be about those who have assisted you in the process of becoming medical doctors,” said Dean László ...
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Speech Day for Chinese Students at UD
13. Jun. 2022
- This is a milestone for the Faculty, the University, and especially for the students who passed their final exams in Hungarian language and literature last week – pointed out Péter Csatár, vice ...
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Series of Sport Events Leading Up the 2024 European University Games
03. Jun. 2022
Two years from now, the European University Games will be held in Debrecen and Miskolc. The University of Debrecen will be one of the hosts of the event. Around 6,000 athletes and team members will ...
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Hair at the oDEon: A Global Theatre has been born
09. May. 2022
This time oDEon, the university theatre, let international students entertain the audience: following in the footsteps of university theatres in the US, oDEon adapted Hair, the famous Broadway ...
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Preparation for International Industry Certification Exams
11. Apr. 2022
With the opening of a new examination centre, the Faculty of Informatics joined an international network comprised of 14,000 CERTIPORT centers last November, with a view to allowing students of UD to ...
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Digitalization in the focus of an international project
23. Mar. 2022
“As one of the most significant institutions of higher education in Hungary, the University of Debrecen devotes special attention to digitalization and to the improvement of digital accessibility ...
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International stars at Campus Fesztivál
22. Mar. 2022
Due to the pandemic situation last year, the organizers had barely three months to prepare for the largest musical-cultural event in Eastern Hungary. In the light of this circumstance, it can be ...
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Erasmus - An Experience of a Lifetime
11. Mar. 2022
- The keyword of the renewed Erasmus programme is inclusion. The goal is to ensure that the opportunity to participate in the programme is available to the widest possible range of students, ...
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UD Studyversity has been updated
21. Feb. 2022
Since the launch of UD Studyversity, more than 15,000 users have downloaded the unique application of the UD. The application has now been updated with a new version. Szilvia Vincze, director of the ...
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Individual Olympic gold medal won by the student of the University of Debrecen
14. Feb. 2022
Prior to the final race, Liu Shaoang had won all the heats, which meant that he had just enough self-confidence for the final of the 500-meter sprint-track event. A Sports Manager major at the ...
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New location for the new UD Shop
08. Feb. 2022
As of the beginning of the spring semester, UD students have had access to the modern learning center, which also houses the new university gift shop, where items of clothing embellished with the ...
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The building of the Learning Center is soon to be filled with students
04. Feb. 2022
UD students will be able to study, prepare for and take exams both individually and in groups of various sizes among the most modern conditions, meeting 21st-century standards and needs, in the 4250 ...
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FőnixFitt for the Fifth Time
29. Oct. 2021
Ticket sales have begun for FőnixFitt, an event that promotes sports, physical exercises, workout and their role in health preservation. At the event, experts from the UD will offer classes in ...
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Recognition for university equestrian training
29. Oct. 2021
The UD won the Breeding Award of the National Association of Hungarian Horse Breeders in the XXVIII. Great Plain Livestock and Farmer Days. At the largest animal breeding show in the country, the ...
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European University Games at UD
05. Oct. 2021
Three years from now, the University of Debrecen will host the European University Games in ten sports and thousands of athletes. At the press conference held after the meeting of the organising ...