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Hungarian Scholarship Foundation Program


Fall Semester: 10th October- 31st January, 4 months, 16 weeks (2 weeks break at Xmas and New Year)
Spring Semester: 2nd March - 21st June , 4 months, 16 weeks 

Aim of the program:

The purpose of the program is to prepare Chinese students for higher educational studies in English, and to apply for the International Scholarly Study Program in Hungary (ISSP). Depending on the student's proficiency in English, and his/her professional capabilities, the program offers a combination  of intensive English language courses (general, communication, and academic English) and professional core subjects (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with soft skills (presentation, IT skills, etc.).

Contact hours: 36 hours /week= 576 hours/semester


Cooperation Partners:
The program is implemented in cooperation with iStudy, China.   

ISSP Hungary Project  is a Hungarian scholarship study abroad project co-sponsored by Foundation of Hungarian Ministry of Education and iStudy. See details here:


Language requirements: Basic knowledge of English is the minimum requirement (IELTS 4.0)

Fees: Application fee 150 USD, Entrance fee 350 USD
Tuition Fee: 3,600 USD per semester

Application deadline: August 12th, 2019 for the Fall semester intake
                                     January 12, 2020 for the Spring semester intake