Quarantine obligation

Information for students arriving from abroad


Please find below the steps you need to go through after arrival to Hungary!


Information about entering UD premises, PCR testing and quarantine regulations can be reached here.

You may find detailed information about entry to Hungary on the Freshmen info site.


STEP 1 - Arrival


  • The police at the point of entry (at the airport) will register your personal data and the place of quarantine (in Debrecen). 

!!! Please make sure you give a valid address, as the police will check up on you daily there. 

  • Your will undergo a health screening, which means that your temperature will be measured, and you might be requested to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire. 
  • All students will be quarantined for 10 days, except those who, upon entering the territory of Hungary, provide credible evidence that they have gone through COVID-19 disease (hereinafter “infection”) within 6 months before the day of presenting themselves at the border.
  • As obliged to quarantine, you will receive a red notice that you must stick to your door.

We have also prepared an explanation on behalf of the University that you may also stick next to the red sign and that you may download from here.


STEP 2 - Decide about staying in quarantine or getting tested


  • Please note that from 31 October 2020, University of Debrecen organizes PCR testing only for freshmen Stipendium Hungaricum Scholars - if requested.
  • Without PCR testing the compulsory quarantine for everyone is 10 days! Quarantine obligation is ordered and checked by the local police. The University of Debrecen has no authority or role in this process.
  • In case you want to get exempted from quarantine, you need to have 2 negative PCR tests within minimum 48 hours, maximum 5 days difference made after arrival.
  • If you are a  SH freshman student, and want to be tested, please send an e-mail to with your date of arrival, exact name, date of birth, gender, mother's name, Neptun code, passport number, mobile phone number and e-mail address. Please send valid and complete data.
  • If you are  not a SH freshman student, and want to be tested, you have to organize testing by yourself.

The list of official testing organizations can be found on this link.

  • Anyone (SH and not SH students as well!) deciding to have PCR tests, needs to inform the police about leaving the quarantine for PCR testing and about the place of the test 24 h in advance, by submitting an online form.
  • After receiving the PCR test result, all students need to inform the police about the result trough an online form.

Online forms for notifying police about testing and about the result of the test can be reached here.

For more information about these steps please check the following documents:

Info to police about testing

Info to police about result


You may find the Rules and obligations during quarantine here!


STEP 3 - Leaving quarantine


  • Police will inform you when your quarantine is over.
  • You are free to leave quarantine after that.



Rules and obligations during quarantine


Please note that you stay in quarantine until you are exempted, so please read the obligations carefully, and make sure you act accordingly.

  • You cannot leave your apartment (not even for garbage disposal)
  • You are not allowed to have visitors
  • Quarantine ends at midnight on its last day, you may leave it the day after
  • You are obliged to place the red sign received at the airport on your apartment door and remove it at the end of your quarantine. We advise you to put the University notice next to the red sign as well.
  • If you share your apartment with others, they have no quarantine obligations (only in case they arrived with you and/or were also placed in quarantine by the police)
  • If you share your apartment with others, you are obliged to stay in a separate room and use common rooms (kitchen, bathroom) at different times as them. You must disinfect commonly used objects (i.e.: door handle, phone, keyboard, toilet seat)
  • The person in quarantine must use separate tools (cutlery, plates, towels, bedsheets, clothing)
  • In case you show any symptoms, you are obliged to notify your GP (health service provider, please call: + 36 30 227 8604
  • You will be checked on daily by the police OR 
  • You may download the „Házikarantén” app on your phone for remote monitoring (GPS location tracking, taking selfies upon request randomly and sending them in to the police, multiple times a day)
  • Those who leave their place of quarantine despite the ban and those who are not present at check-ins will be fined (from 5,000 up to 500,000 HUF)

Please find here some practical information that can help you while in quarantine here.


If you have any question, please contact!