10 things to do in Debrecen upon arrival

1. Go to Aquaticum Thermal Spa and relax after your long journey to Debrecen.

2. Eat and drink something typically Hungarian, such as stuffed cabbage, goulash, fisherman's soup, sour cherry soup, somlói trifle at one of the nearby restaurants, or have a fancy local meal in the city centre.

3. Ride on the tram from the main campus to the centre and check out the beautiful main square with spectacular fountains and lovely cafes.

4. Take a long walk in the Great Forest and admire the picturesque surroundings. Lake Békás is a popular hang-out spot during the summer.

5. Make sure you have a refreshing drink at Víztorony (Water tower) close to the city's Stadium. The Zoo is also nearby.

6. If you feel like having a snack, buy a Túrórudi in one of the many grocery stores and supermarkets in Debrecen. (Túrórudi is a Hungarian curd-like sweet dairy treat covered in chocolate.)

7. Get educated on local folk-life at Déri Museum, then check out one of Hungary's greatest contemporary art collections at MODEM.

8. Go shopping in Fórum, the largest mall in Debrecen and the region. You'll need clothes for four seasons, after all! :-)

9. Feel like training a bit after all that Hungarian food? You can go to Unifit Gym located in the Stadium, to the professional swimming pool found at the Kassai Campus, or one of the University's football fields, tennis courts or running tracks at the Main Campus! Or check out the fun sports-classes the University offers its students during the semester.

10. Finally, it's time to think about studying a bit...check out the great libraries we have, that's where you'll make lifelong friends during exam periods! :-)