Help for students from Ukraine


The University of Debrecen has been receiving many transfer of study requests from those, currently studying in the territory of war-torn Ukraine.

We sincerely hope that the conflict between the Russian and Ukrainian sides will be resolved through peaceful negotiations as soon as possible and in these hard times you can find a solution which would best contribute to the successful completion of your studies.


1. In case you are a Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Hungarian citizen studying in Ukraine

You may apply to our English degree programs. Please submit your application to our online application system, we will contact you directly and your application will be handled with our fast-track admission process.


Please apply here!


2. In case you are an international (non-Ukrainian) student studying in Ukraine 


In the current situation, the University of Debrecen has the following options to offer:

Option 1: In case you would like to transfer your credits and continue your education at the University of Debrecen, you shall submit a Credit Transfer Request Form along with your course description and transcripts.

A relevant Committee in a fast track procedure will check your documents and decide on the number of credits that can be recognized by our institution.

Please note that in case of a minimum 75% equivalency between the study programs of courses offered by the sending and the receiving institutions, as many credits shall be recognized as the course is allocated in the curriculum of the receiving institution.

Option 2: In case you want to ensure not to lose an academic year, you may decide to start a partial study program (1 or 2 semesters) at the University of Debrecen. In this case, you can continue your education and you can earn credits which would allow you to complete your studies and graduate on time.


When considering these options, please keep in mind that we are already 5 weeks into the semester, which might cause some further difficulties and practically no dormitory places are available for foreign students due to the current situation.


Study programs in English available to international students who needed to leave Ukraine: 


Health Sciences










*Please note that due to the high interest in our Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programs, it takes more time to evaluate your transfer request, and transfer depends on your academic background.


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Students transferring from Ukraine will get an automatic application fee waiver. 

We are working on a fair and most reasonable tuition fee structure for all our applicants!


For more information please contact us at !