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"To study abroad was the biggest dream of my life and I achieve it. I am awardee of Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for 2019 program. Currently I am Studying Masters of Engineering Management in University of Debrecen. My inspiration for selecting this University is mainly its diversity in terms of population of international students with different cultures and religions. It gives a great chance to better know about different cultures through this university. Apart of social fascinations, studies in Debrecen is quite competitive itself as there is a wide range of courses in English for international students. Here teachers are very supportive and friendly with students, so there is no such level of barrier between teachers and students. Moreover Debrecen is a city where you can enjoy your life as home, because of its friendly and peaceful Environment. For me “Debrecen is my home after home “. There are many extracurricular activities, arrange by university to enhance the morals and passion of students beside of their studies. For me Debrecen is excellent choice to live, study and enjoy the life as a student."


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Faculty: Engineering     Program: Engineering Management, MSc