Mathematical summit in Hajdúszoboszló 26. Jun. 2023

The Department of Analysis of the Mathematics Institute of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen organized the next professional conference of the Debrecen University Symposium conference series, the most prestigious professional forum for the theory of functional equations and inequalities, in Hajdúszoboszló between June 18 and 25.

Since 1962, the International Symposium on Functional Equations (ISFE) has had to be postponed only three times (1964, 2020 and 2021). This was the sixth time the Department of Analysis has hosted the internationally acclaimed series.

- Compared to last year, many more people attended the event, including many young people, for whom appearance at this prestigious event represented a huge professional opportunity. It was primarily thanks to them that there were several new research directions represented at the symposium, which also shows that the topic is not narrowing, on the contrary, experts are constantly developing new methods. The University of Debrecen can benefit a great deal from these, as the innovative ideas formulated on the subject are worth dealing with in the future. It was extremely important for our department to highlight the high-quality research work being carried out at UD, and we were able to present this at the symposium, Eszter Gselmann associate professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science and Technology, told

The work of the conference series was coordinated by a seven-member scientific committee of international researchers, which invited leading experts in the field to the symposium. Zsolt Páles, head of the Doctoral School of Mathematics and Computer Science, and retired university professor László Székelyhidi, from the University of Debrecen, assist the work of this scientific committee, and Zoltán Daróczy, professor emeritus, is an honorary member of the board. In addition to representatives of the Department of Analysis of the Mathematics Institute UD, experts from the Faculty of Informatics were also present at the event.

In addition to Hungarian specialists, mathematicians from twenty-three countries attended the professional forum, such as Austria, Egypt, Japan, China, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Romania. The proceedings of the conference will be published in Aequationes Mathematicae, the leading international journal of the theory of functional equations.

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