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Urban Systems Engineering, MSc

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering 

Starting date: September

Language requirements: English language proficiency (TOEFL 547 /IELTS 6.0 /oral examination)

Academic requirements:
(1) Credit points can be fully recognized from: Civil Engineering, Gardening and Landscape Engineering Bachelor’s degrees.
(2)  Bachelor’s degrees in the following fields can be taken into account: computer science engineering from the field of informatics, environmental engineering, Earth science and engineering, transportation engineering from the field of engineering, geography, earth science from the field of natural sciences, land surveying and land management engineering, agricultural and rural development engineering, rural development engineering, agricultural engineering from the field of agriculture.
(3) Completing the credit points bachelor’s degrees from the following fields can be taken into account: bachelor and master’s degrees and according to Act LXXX of 1993 those degree programs that are accepted by the credit transfer committee of a tertiary institution on the basis of credit rating.
In cases of (2) and (3) the minimum credits to entrance the master program are 70 from the fields:
- 20 credits from natural sciences (mathematics, drawing, descriptive geometry, materials science, environmental studies, informatics, basics of engineering);
- 15 credits from economic and human sciences (basics of economics, economics, basics of  social sciences, law, history of architecture);
- 45 credits from knowledge of the professional field (land-use, geodesy, architecture, geographical information, road and public systems, environmental protection.
The prerequisites of entering the master program that on the basis of his/her bachelor degree an applicant processes at least 50 credits of the fields defined above. Missing credits of the fields have to be obtained during the master training according to the rules and regulations of the tertiary institute.

Duration: 4 semesters

ECTS credits: 120

Short description: 
The objective of the program is to train urban system engineers who are capable to provide and control activities of urban planning, settlement architecture, principal architecture and technical authorities, administrations and the communal, maintenance, organizational, services, environmental and the protection of urban build environment of a local government. Urban systems engineers are prepared at high level to implement the conception and programs of urban development and to make their plans. They are able to harmonise the development of settlements, groups of settlements, areas to make spatial plans, to manage and control such activities and to make scientific research of the professional field.  They are prepared on further studies in doctoral program.

Tuition Fee: 7,500 USD/year 

One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD

More infomation about the program:
See the full description: Bulletin