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Molecular Biology, MSc

Faculty: Medicine

Starting date: September

Duration: 4 semesters

Language requirements: English language proficiency (assessed at the entrance interview)

Academic requirements: high school certificate; relevant BSc degree + entrance interview

Short description:
A Molecular Biology MSc degree is granted upon completion of the course. It is accepted in the whole EU and many other countries. The course objective is to provide knowledge of the findings in the field of molecular biology; application of molecular biology techniques; to provide a broad and deep knowledge on the methodology and to train students to be able to approach scientific problems as part of multidisciplinary teams with an emphasis on medicine-related projects. The students will acquire practical and theoretical understanding of biological data and how to utilize results in basic and applied research innovatively. The students optionally can specialize in the field of biochemistry-genomics. The course is completed by thesis work, which is based on the student's personal laboratory results. This thesis will be defended with the theoretical knowledge evaluated in a final exam. The degree qualifies for entry into European doctoral programs, and also a variety of other careers.  Doctoral programs in the University of Debrecen are also open for students who graduated in the master program of molecular biology.

For further detailed information about the curriculum and subject requirements please check the course Bulletin

Tuition Fee: 8,500 USD/year

One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD