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International Economy and Business, MA

Faculty: Economics

Starting date: September/February

Language requirements: English language proficiency (TOEFL 547 /IELTS 6.0 /oral examination)

Academic requirements: Bachelor degree in Economics, Business or Management

Duration: 4 semesters

Number of contact hours: 1,275​

ECTS credits: 120

Short description: 
The aim of the program is to prepare specialists in economics and business using the basic skills acquired in the fields of international-, micro- and macroeconomics, international politics, European integration, international law, regional studies, civilization/globalization and their chosen specialisations that enable them to analyse, plan, make decisions and control the activities of business organisations and institutions in an international context.

The program provides a Master"s level education and as such, it expects students to arrive with a sound theoretical basis acquired in their earlier Bachelor’s studies. The program aims to expand the knowledge acquired at a Bachelor’s level, and intends to teach students how to put the acquired skills into practice. This purpose is accomplished in two ways: Lecture-type courses are offered with the aim of presenting theoretical issues, whereas practice-oriented seminar-type courses are launched with the purpose of giving room for debates, interactive discussions, as well as group or individual presentations on current and relevant topics of the field.

Career options:

- analyst or manager positions at
  • multinational companies
  • financial institutions
  • international organizations
  • governmental and non-governmental institutions
  • institutions of the European Union

-  becoming a successful entrepreneur with deep insights in global management and competition
-  to continue studies in PhD programs in business or economics 

Course structure:

General Core Module (5x5 credits)
Mathematical Methods (5 credits)
Economics (Advanced Micro-, Macro-, and International Economics) (15 credits)
International Political Economy (5 credits)

Professional Core Module (7x5 credits)
Global Corporate Strategies (5 credits)
Advanced International Marketing (5 credits)
Advanced Development Economics (5 credits)
International Economic Policy (5 credits)
International Finance (5 credits)
The Law of International Economic Relations (5 credits)
Advanced International Management (5 credits)

Advanced Professional Module (with two different specializations) (6x5 credits)

   International Business Management Specialization 
Transnational Corporations in the World Economy (5 credits)
International Trade Policy (5 credits)
Internal Market of the EU (5 credits)
International Factor Mobility (5 credits)
Corporation Law in the European Union (5 credits)
Theory and Practices of Regional Development (5 credits)
International Agreements, Organizations and their Economic Effects (5 credits)

   International Economic Analysis Specialization 
Econometrics (5 credits)
Spatial Structure of the World Economy (5 credits)
International Agreements, Organizations and their Economic Effects (5 credits)
Political Economy of Transition (5 credits)
Economics of Integration (5 credits)
Economic Growth in the World Economy (5 credits)
International Communication and Business Protocol (5 credits)

Professional Optional Subjects (5x3 credits)

Thesis writing (15 credits)

Tuition Fee: 7,000 USD/year

One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD

More information about the program: here.