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Complex Rehabilitation, MSc​

Faculty: Public Health

Starting date: September

Duration: 4 semesters

Language requirements: English language proficiency (assessed at the compulsory entrance interview)

Academic requirements: high school certificate; relevant BSc degree; entrance interview

Short description: 
The aim of the MSc course in Complex Rehabilitation is to train experts who will be able to effectively facilitate social inclusion for individuals and target communities/groups in health, social, educational and occupational rehabilitation. In addition, they will be sufficiently prepared to measure, evaluate, represent and correct the results of rehabilitation activities.

The experts in Complex Rehabilitation will be competent in all areas of health rehabilitation in order to coordinate services, patient management, the activities of rehabilitation providers, supply development, measure the effectiveness of rehabilitation, and carry out research activities on which practice is based. In complex rehabilitation in the areas of employment, education and social rehabilitation the experts can perform the tasks of specific institutional organization, project planning, implementation, monitoring and quality control among similar coordinating and organizing tasks, and can carry out activities affecting any segment or all the segments of the complex rehabilitation in the political and administrative sectors (ministries, local governments, other offices).

Tuition Fee: 8.000 USD/year

One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD