"What is success for you? What is that you describe yourself as a successful women or man? There is saying by Tony Robbins “Science of achievement and Art of fulfillment”

I came to Hungary when I was 18…when I just graduated from high school. I’m studying at university of Debrecen for almost 2 years.

Yes. I achieved my success, measurable numbers and paperwork that the other people will see and award you for, so we call it science of achievement.

But also fulfilled my personal strength and growth, and there is none to measure or anyone to give a trophy for self-development, that’s why we call it art of fulfillment. And I believe the true success exist when these two meets.

Environment here in Debrecen made me a better version of myself and to achieve my goals surrounded by multicultural atmosphere all around the city.

I needed to step out from my comfort zone if I want a change, and I did! And I just want to say thanks to 18 years old Kanna."



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Faculty: Economics and Business     Program: Commerce and Marketing, BSc