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77 Years in the Making

The Sport Sciences Educational Center of the University of Debrecen has finally been inaugurated, and there is no less than an actual sports legend to meet at the entrance to the building.
“The plan for constructing a sports hall at the University of Debrecen was raised for the first time way back in 1938 but the implementation of the original idea has taken almost eighty years. Today, we are not only inaugurating a hall that is fit for the purpose of practicing sports in it but, in fact, a complex center of education, housing also the Institute of Sport Science Coordination,” said Chancellor Zoltán Bács at the inauguration ceremony of the new facility, which was held this past Thursday.
The new educational center has been completed with the help of financial support from the EU to the tune of HUF 1.8 billion. The three-story building comprises a sports field of 1166 square meters, a gymnastics practice venue of 679 square meters, and another smaller practice hall, as well as rooms for the teaching staff, locker rooms, rooms for medical check-up, and a few minor venues. As for the spectators, the hall can seat four hundred of them.
“Traditionally, sports are of strategic importance in the city of Debrecen, and the university has undertaken an exemplary role in providing the spiritual and scholarly-scientific background for keeping this tradition alive. The guidelines and plans for development followed by this institution and the municipality are in perfect harmony with one another,” said Mayor László Papp.
MP Lajos Kósa also highlighted the uniqueness of this sport science model developed at the University of Debrecen as a pioneering effort in Hungary.
“What this institution of higher education puts into practice is truly exceptional in the whole of Europe. Treating sports and various branches of science as equals here is manifested in the fields of research, competitive sports, the development of infrastructural facilities, and in education. There might be just one missing link for a complete picture: a program for PE teacher training,” said Lajos Kósa.
“With the establishment of the Sport Sciences Educational Center, the University of Debrecen has taken a very important step forward in the direction that the central government also wishes to aim at to make ours a genuine sporting nation. This new facility is a reason to be proud of in Debrecen, contributing to the opportunities of as many as 72 thousand students in the city to do sports every day,” said Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources.
The Sport Sciences Educational Center was given a special blessing by the representatives of the major churches recognized in Hungary, while the symbolic key to the building was handed over to Chancellor Zoltán Bács by State Secretary for Sports Tünde Szabó and State Secretary for the Co-ordination and Strategy of European Union Development Tamás Köpeczi-Bócz.
At the entrance to the facility, there is a statue of Jenő Buzánszky, the legendary fullback of Hungary’s national team in the 1950s with 49 caps. Sculptor Richárd Juha’s life-size bronze statue of the former footballer of Golden Team was unveiled by Rector Zoltán Szilvássy and Minister Zoltán Balog.
“There is a lot more to Jenő Buzánszky than just sheer achievements in sports. His personality was also an example of values, and his mentality made him a role model,” said Minister Balog.
77 Years in the Making 
“The statue of the elderly Jenő Buzánszky symbolizes the past ten years for the people of Debrecen. This sports legend was proud of the university championship named in his honor, he used to travel to Debrecen several times a year, while his philosophy of life and his moral stance proved to be exemplary to all the students and citizens of our city,” added Rector Szilvássy.
Jenő Kamuti, Chairman of the International Fair Play Committee, recalled a few of the experiences he shared with the late legend. He called Jenő Buzánszky an embodiment of sincerity and honesty. On behalf of the family and the relatives, Jenő Buzánszky’s son expressed his gratitude for the honor that, not so long after his father’s death, the University of Debrecen decided to put up a statue to commemorate the sports legend’s achievement and example.
Please find more photos about the statue and the inauguration ceremony of the Sport Sciences Educational Center in our photoalbum.
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