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Victory at the Closing of This Fall’s Football University

There were at least four hundred Hungarian soccer experts attending the closing presentation of the fall lecture series on football at the university, held by Italian national team's Director of Youth Department Maurizio Viscidi.
“The objective of the University of Debrecen was to enable the participants, including our students and coaches working with youth teams, to access the most state-of-the-art-level information available at the cutting edge of European football. I reckon that we did manage to successfully accomplish this task, which I consider a victory, as we had several hundred attendants present for the training course both today and on November 3,” said Chancellor Zoltán Bács at the closing session of the fall lecture series of Debrecen Football University on Wednesday at the stadium venue called HALL.
Victory at the Closing of This Fall’s Football University 
Chancellor Bács added that this would not necessarily mean the end of Debrecen Football University. The organizers would still need to assess what has proved to be useful for the coaches and for the sport-science researchers, following which the training course would be continued next year.
Director of Debrecen Football Academy András Herczeg pointed out that, in the course of the past two months, the most highly qualified youth management experts of the so-called “football nations” in Europe had come to Debrecen to share their knowledge and experience with us.
“We have gotten used to the set-up that the most recent and leading-edge information and knowledge would come to us. This would not have been possible without the help of the University of Debrecen, and the sports clubs operating in our city also decided to chip in and support this brilliant initiative,” said András Herczeg.
Gábor Hegedűs, County-Level Instructor of Hungarian Football Federation, was fully satisfied with the way attendance and participation shaped up. He admitted that the original expectation for turnout had been between 40 and 50 people per lecture, whereas there were, in fact, several occasions when attendance figures went way above several hundred, and the total number of participants almost reached two thousand.
“Quite often, our schedule was really tight, especially when we had sessions of 2 or 3 days every week for 4 or 5 weeks running. We are still trying to process the feedback we have received in order to figure out which area of instruction needs more effort in the future. I sincerely hope that all the participants have acquired truly practical and useful experience,” said Gábor Hegedűs.
The closing presentation of the fall lecture series of Debrecen Football University was held by Italian Football Federation (FIGC) representative Maurizio Viscidi. Mr. Viscidi’s career was launched in Padova, where he worked with Alessandro Del Piero among others. Soon he transferred to the club A. C. Milan as an assistant to coach Arrigo Sacchi, who also took him along to the Italian national team, where he has been employed since.
The Italian expert gave a theoretical and practical presentation on zone defense and alternating ball possession, illustrating, for instance, how and through what sort of strategies strikers can score in 2v2 situations.
The lecture series of Debrecen Football University will be continued next spring, when the representatives of Spain’s Real Madrid are scheduled to come to Debrecen to work with Hungarian students and coaches.
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Please find photos of the event in our photoalbum.