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The University of Debrecen has also made it to the Shanghai Ranking List

The 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities has been released. This is the first time the University of Debrecen has made its first ever appearance on the list as one of the best 1000 universities. The Chinese University focuses on the dissemination of scientific results.

To compile the list, specialists examine more than 1200 institutions of higher education, first resulting in a list of 500 and now 800 members. This year the best 1000 universities have been ranked. Unlike other rankings, the Shanghai Ranking places more emphasis on research and the dissemination of scientific results. Thus it is not surprising that ARWU has become one of the popular indicators of global performance among research universities.

Three of the indicators of rather high prestige (e.g. numbers of Nobel laureates/Field awards) apply to measuring publications (highly cited researchers in the 21 comprehensive fields of science, number of publications published by Nature and Science; number of publications by Science Citation Index-expanded and Social Science Citation Index), which contribute 60% to the overall score determining position of the institutions. This has been the first time the University of Debrecen has made its appearance on this list.

Rank                Institution                                                                 Country
1.                     Harvard University                                                     United States
2.                    Stanford University                                                    United States
3.                     University of Cambridge                                            United Kingdom
4.                     Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)           United States
5.                    University of California, Berkeley                              United States
6.                     Princeton University                                                  United States
7.                     University of Oxford                                                  United Kingdom
8.                     Columbia University                                                  United States
9.                    California Institute of Technology                             United States
10.                   University of Chicago                                                 United States
501-600.          Eötvös Loránd University                                          Hungary
501-600.          University of Szeged                                                  Hungary
601-700           Semmelweis University                                             Hungary
701-800.          Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary
901-1000         University of Debrecen                                             Hungary

For the full list, click here.

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