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Milestone in pharmaceutical development

Clinical pharmaceutical investigations have been going on at the University of Debrecen for twenty-five years and the Pharmaceutical Development Coordination Centre established five years ago has raised the study of the most recent therapies about to be introduced to a new level.

The University has by now become a leading factor in domestic pharmaceutical development with 150 new clinical investigations, and, with the establishment of the coordination centre, the number of investigations carried out has tripled. In the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen at present there are about 400 ongoing investigations involving more than 100 experienced and recognised experts as well as close to 2000 patients.

- Following an extremely strict selection procedure, patients who have joined the programme can safely use the most up-to-date products free of charge before they hit pharmacies. We have numerous satisfied patients who, having first participated in one programme, decided to enter another one, said Dénes Páll, Director of the Pharmaceutical Development Coordination Centre of the University of Debrecen.

During the investigations, which last between a couple of months and four or five years,  patients receive extensive medical supervision and special attention: the follow-up visits take place at pre-agreed times and, due to the 20-30 minutes’ meetings, good rapport is built between patient and doctor, which is also beneficial for the programme participants. 

- Clinical investigations are milestones in the development of medicines, often representing the closing stage of a 10-12 year-long process, where the most promising products are studied. It is important that our university should hold the most possible investigations of this kind, and that patients should be made aware of these investigations as these can offer them a solution, especially if traditionally available medicines have failed to deliver the necessary results, the Professor stressed.

As a major health provider in Hungary, the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen provides a reliable background for the clinical-pharmacological investigations. Given that the university covers all aspects of treatment, investigations take place in practically all groups of diseases.

- Of special importance are clinical studies in the fields of cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, obesity, dermatology, ophthalmology and rheumatology as well as oncology. In these fields the University of Debrecen undoubtedly plays a leading role in Hungary, the Director added.

With the establishment of the Pharmaceutical Development Coordination Centre five years ago, clinical pharmacology took a new direction, with the university becoming an ever-more active actor in domestic as well as international pharmaceutical investigations. The improvement has manifested itself both in the number and quality of investigations and international partner relations.

Dénes Páll, Director of the Pharmaceutical Development Coordination Centre of the University of Debrecen pointed out that QuintilesIMS, one of the world’s largest companies coordinating pharmaceutical investigations, selected the University of Debrecen as one of its major investigation venues in 2017.  In addition, the institute is a distinguished partner of one of the major international pharmaceutical companies, a unique position.

- Our aims can only be to further expand our relations with European partners and leave a mark behind to show that the University of Debrecen unquestionably plays a leading role in clinical studies, research and development, Dénes Páll described their future plans.

On the occasion of the five-year anniversary the coordination centre organises a conference in October with the participation of our Hungarian and international partners.

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