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Among the Best at the Olympics of Vocational Skills

The Hungarian mechatronics team, in which one of the members was Kristóf Sipos, a student of the University of Debrecen, was awarded a medallion of excellence at the WorldSkills contest held in Abu Dhabi.

The aim of the Kristóf Sipos - Zoltán Takács (BME VIK electrical engineering) team from Hungary was to gain further reputation for mechatronics in Hungary by scoring a placement as good as possible at the “Olympics” of vocational skills. In a very tight competition, they achieved the best result ever by Hungarians by coming 12th. For their performance, both of them received a medallion of excellence.

“From my first year at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics of the University of Debrecen onwards, I have participated in teams constructing several automobiles using alternative fuels, with which we have scored excellent results at domestic and international competitions. This recent performance will be followed by another challenge at the EuroSkills contest held in 2018 in Budapest. It seems more than sure that both this and next year’s competitions will enhance my chances of finding a job after graduation at one of the major international companies involved in industrial automation, which would then ensure my future professional development,” said Kristóf Sipos.

At the Budapest contest, which is going to be held between September 26th and 28th, 2018, the best and most profoundly prepared students of vocational schools will be competing in a total of 39 vocations from as many as 28 countries from all over Europe.

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