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International booming in the Water tower

Colourful bustle, mobility opportunities and charity programs awaited the students of the University of Debrecen and secondary school students at this year’s International Event at the Great Forest Water tower.

The event, organised by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Student Self-Government of the University of Debrecen, every year gives a chance for Hungarian and foreign students to expand their horizons and to get to know new opportunities. In this spirit the interested students could meet with representatives of such organisations as e.g. AEGEE, Fulbright Education USA or the International Office of the university, which offered professional practice, language learning and  experience at this event on 10 May.

Besides the concerts and dance performances the youngsters could learn about the volunteer opportunities of EVS and the foreign education alternatives of AFS at the Mobility Café event. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Students also considers it an important mission to decrease stereotypes thus it provided an opportunity for visitors to get to know the Zerophobia initiative.

The organisers provided games and delicious treats, as well. The giant bubble blowing tools of DÖFI were passed around until sunset, while by tasting the charity cakes of SZÖSZ visitors could give support to the tenants of ReFoMix Interim Homes.

The main goal of the International Event was again the meeting and introduction of different cultures. The participants besides spending an afternoon in good mood with other nationalities could also collect motivation for gaining foreign experience which has  great value nowadays.


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