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I swear… (with a VIDEO clip)

First-year international students also took an oath at the official opening of the academic year at the University Debrecen, held on 11 September.
This year 826 young students from 60 different countries around the world will commence their studies at the University of Debrecen. The largest university of Hungary welcomed students from countries ranging from Mauritania and Mongolia, to Ghana, Iceland and Ecuador, to mention just a few. Hundreds of them participated at the ceremonious meeting of the University Senate held in Phoenix Arena on the occasion of the start of the new academic year, where they became citizens of the university by taking an oath.

More than eight thousand students will start their first year of study working toward a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, in English-language programmes or in higher-level vocational trainings, bringing the total number of students at the University of Debrecen to almost thirty thousand – including more than four thousand international students – in the 2016/17 academic year.
“It is a wonderful thing that you will learn the favourite disciplines of your chosen profession at the largest university of the country, as part of a community of 40 thousand people,” Zoltán Szilvássy, rector of the university, told the new students.
“Some time ago, you not only resolved to pursue your studies at this prestigious institute, but after a successful admission procedure, you also earned the opportunity to be indeed a part of one of the most excellent knowledge centres of this country,” László Palkovics said in his welcoming address.
Talking about the various the various academic areas, the state secretary of the Ministry of Human Capacities in charge of education also emphasised that the 9 thousand international students of medicine studying at four Hungarian universities, whose number has been steadily increasing since 2001, is an obvious recognition of this success story of Hungarian higher education. The University of Debrecen provides medical care at the highest European standard, but it also has international reputation, as the largest number of foreign students from all corners of the world study here in Hungary.
I swear… (with a VIDEO clip)  
The ceremony continued with the oath of first-year students: “I, ............. a student of the University of Debrecen swear that I shall respect the constitution of Hungary and its rules. I shall conduct all my studies to faithfully prepare for my chosen profession to the best of my ability. I shall always respect my professors, teachers, university employees and my fellow students. I shall exert myself to uphold the inherited standards and traditions of our University, and preserve its good reputation and honour.” Next, as a symbolic act, one student from each of the university’s faculties personally received their academic record books form the dean of that faculty.
“The University of Debrecen is not simply an institute of higher education. This school has a unique atmosphere. Here you will have a chance to encounter such wisdom and culture that few people in the world have a chance to experience,” said István Ádám Bognár, president of the Student Government, in his speech welcoming fellow students at the University of Debrecen.
Also as a part of the ceremonious Senate meeting, one of the most prestigious recognitions given by the institute, the title of “Civis honoris cause”, the honorary citizen of the University of Debrecen, was awarded to Rudolf Schuster, former president of Slovakia.
“I will always cherish the memories of the ceremonious and intimate moments spent here, and I promise that, as long as my strength permits, I will do everything to deepen the good reputation of your illustrious university. Beginning today, your alma mater is also my alma mater,” the new honorary citizen of the university said in his acceptance speech.
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