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Admissions: second place nationally

A total of 6,278 students were admitted to the University of Debrecen this year, which is the second largest number nationwide. The most popular academic area, once again, was medical and health sciences.
Admissions: second place nationally
“A total of 6,278 students were admitted to the University of Debrecen in this year’s general application procedure, which is 4.5% higher than last year.  This growth exceeds the national average”, emphasised Elek Bartha, vice rector for education, at the press conference on the admission results held Wednesday morning.
In terms of the number of admitted students, the University of Debrecen is the second behind Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest (8,278 students) and just ahead of the University of Szeged (6,234 students).

As the vice rector further elaborated on the numbers: 3,679 students were admitted to the bachelor’s, 1,131 to the master’s programmes, and 726 to the higher-level vocational programmes. 5,189 will receive a state scholarship and 1,089 will be self-financing.

The number of students admitted increased at 8 of the 14 faculties of the university. The highest rate of increase occurred at the Faculty of Health Sciences (35%) and at the Faculty of Childcare and Adult Education (24%). While the increase in case of the latter is in line with nationwide tendencies, the higher rate of increase in case of the former is due to the newly launched health education teacher programme, to which 100 applicants were admitted.
In terms of the academic areas, the largest number of students will start their studies in September in medical and health sciences (16%), followed by economics (14%) and teacher training (13%). Most students were admitted to the programmes or nursing and patient care (254), general medicine (219), kindergarten teacher (208), and law (177).
The highest admission scores were needed for the state-financed bachelor’s programme in communication and media studies (482 points), the also state-financed bachelor’s correspondence programme in international management (474 points), and the undivided correspondence programme in law (469 points).
For the first time this year, the University of Debrecen also advertised programmes to be taught at the Kisvárda Community Higher Education Training Centre, in the areas of agricultural sciences and economics, from which the bachelor’s programme in agricultural engineering will be launched this September with 25 students.
Applicants may submit an appeal against the admission decisions within 15 days from the receipt of their letter, to the Ministry of Human Resources, by way of the Education Office.
“The University of Debrecen will announce follow-up admissions for 3,500 places in 353 programmes. Application to these programmes is only available electronically, to be submitted between 28 July and 7 August”, Annamária Pósánné Rácz said.
The director of education also added that certain programmes will also be available in the follow-up procedure which were not yet included in the general procedure. Applications for the mechanical engineering master’s programme, and the undivided physical education teacher programme can be submitted until 7 August.
The presentation used at the press conference can be accessed by clicking here.
Further photos from the press conference are available in the photo gallery.
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