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Support for Young Scholars

One hundred and seventy young researchers, including 19 affiliated with the University of Debrecen, are going to be recipients of János Bolyai Research Grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
The 170 researchers have been selected from among more than 850 applicants holding a PhD degree to receive the Bolyai Grant provided by MTA (HAS: Hungarian Academy of Sciences). From 1996 onwards, almost 3400 young researchers have been supported through this grant by MTA, out of which 15 today are already members of the Academy.
“Receiving a János Bolyai Research Grant or any kind of support for research in general also involves a number of commitments or obligations on your part. It is not simply about scholarly or academic performance. Therefore, I would like to ask you to be eager to contribute to scholarly-scientific public activities and to be instrumental in evaluating each other’s findings and results, for this is how academic life works, without which the Academy would not be able to function properly either,” said László Lovász, President of MTA on the 2016 Bolyai Day, an event hosted to address the young researchers in the Grand Hall venue of the building of MTA.
Support for Young Scholars 
The story behind the research grant named after János Bolyai dates back to almost two decades ago, when in 1996, MTA decided that, as a part of the new official policy on scholarly and academic activities, the career path of young academicians should be financially supported and made more easily plannable in addition to facilitating the cooperation between the different generations of researchers as well as promoting the retaining of young researchers in Hungary while educating them to be more intensely focused on performance and achievements. One of the means for implementing these objectives would be a grant issued for one, two, or three years, assisting promising young scholars and providing an incentive to them to continue their research in Hungary apart from writing their doctoral dissertations at MTA in order to earn and receive their appropriate academic degrees and diplomas.
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