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Thoracic Surgery at a European Level of Excellence

The Department of Thoracic Surgery of the University of Debrecen, which was granted European accreditation for the first time among Hungarian institutions in 2012, has again become the recipient of this distinction recently.
As part of the so-called progressive medical coverage scheme, the Department of Thoracic Surgery of the Institute of Surgery of the University of Debrecen provides thoracic coverage in the region called Észak-alföldi Régió [North Great Plain Region] for almost one and a half million patients, in addition to which it also functions as a European treatment center on the basis of its accreditation received from Európai Mellkassebész Társaság (ESTS: European Society of Thoracic Surgeons).
Thoracic Surgery at a European Level of Excellence 
The 6-member surgical team of the institute performs an annual number of 600 major thoracic surgery operations: last year they treated as many as 2700 outpatients, and acted as a consultation panel for 3550 patients altogether. Three quarters of these cases involve oncological surgery processes related to lung cancer, while the remaining one quarter is made up of operations on the esophagus and mediastinum or thoracic operations treating injuries coming from accidents, and operations related to deformities of the thorax or pneumothorax. Half of the operations are performed with a technique similar to laporoscopy, called minimal access thoracoscopic surgery, while the proportion of these projected on the whole of Europe is only 22 percent. Due to the relatively small incisions, this means a neater aesthetic result and shorter recuperation periods, while it is tantamount to open surgery regarding its efficiency.
“There are numerous operational techniques available in the institute, including, for example, the one using a ‘smart scalpel’ to differentiate between healthy and tumorous tissues and to get quick feedback about the efficiency and precision of the procedure of dissecting tumors. The department established a tele-communicational consulting system a couple of years ago, with the help of which thoracic surgeons can supply expert advice online on the right treatment of complicated cases without having to move the patient or having to be physically present in the operation theater,” said  István Takács, the Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery.
Since the first time of receiving the accreditation in 2012, the department has proved at regularly repeated audits that it continues to satisfy the high levels of requirements of educational, therapeutic, and research expectations, for which token ESTS granted accreditation for the next three years to it at its congress held at the beginning of July in Naples. Thus, it can go on functioning as a location acknowledged professionally by the outstanding representatives of European thoracic surgery. The certificate of accreditation was received by thoracic surgeon specialist Károly Szabó and Csongor Váradi thoracic surgery registrar.
‘The significance of the accreditation lays primarily in the fact that our department can more smoothly and easily become part and parcel of thoracic surgery at the European level: it can participate in joint research projects and it can chip in the treatment of patients at the international level. On the other hand, European centers are eager to get into touch with our department in order to cooperate with us in implementing programs for specialists and training courses for practitioners of thoracic surgery,” said István Takács.
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