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“Doctorem te recipio …”

More than one hundred doctoral candidates received their certificates and diplomas at the awarding ceremony held over the weekend at the University of Debrecen, where several special prizes and awards were also handed out.
“High-quality university research is essential for good university programs and for ensuring proper education for academic posterity. The University of Debrecen is the most colorful university in Hungary both in the field of education and that of research. This is an institution of higher education where, in diverse areas of natural and medical sciences, in the humanities, in fields of agriculture, as well as in technical and social sciences, internationally acknowledged and highly appreciated research projects are conducted,” said László Csernoch at the awarding ceremony of doctoral degrees held on Saturday in the venue called Aula of the main building of the university. The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of the university emphasized that bearing doctoral titles have been a special right, a great privilege, and a token of respect, ever since the 12th century in the Middle Ages.
“This is a privilege combined with commitment and responsibility: a doctoral title is indeed a kind of commitment towards your parents, schools, teachers, and your home country. Believe me: it is not an easy commitment but it is also a “sweet burden,” said László Csernoch.
Based on the proposal and recommendation of the Doctoral and Habilitation Council of the university, there were 101 candidates at the event receiving their diplomas in the fields of the humanities and medical, agricultural, natural, and social sciences. Out of the doctoral candidates, 68 obtained their doctorates (PhD) summa cum laude, 31 cum laude, while 1 candidate received a rite degree. 1 candidate requested the doctorate from the university based on an academic degree received abroad.
“We, the Rector and the Doctoral Council of the University of Debrecen, by virtue of the authority vested in us and in appreciation of outstanding academic achievements, hereby confer upon you the doctoral degree appropriate to your course of study, with all the rights, honors and privileges pertaining thereunto,” said Rector Zoltán Szilvássy.
List of new doctoral (PhD) degree holders
One candidate met the requirements for receiving his doctoral degree with special honors, which means that he had nothing but excellent academic results since graduating from high school up to the occasion of his doctoral exam and the defense of his doctoral dissertation summa cum laude. Upon the request of the university, President of the Hungarian Republic János Áder had consented to the conferment of the degree of honor ”Promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis Rei Publicae” upon chemist Gábor Bellér.
“Doctorem te recipio …” 
The unique quality of this award is indicated by the fact that, during the 25-year time period since 1990, there have been only 43 such instances nationwide when candidates could crown their achievements with the reception of a symbolic golden ring as a token of appreciation of their excellent results, out of which 10 recipients have been the students of the University of Debrecen.
“True to our oaths, we will strive at all times to protect the prestige of the doctoral degree, to help the advancement of our science, to further progress at the University of Debrecen according to our talent, and thus to benefit our nation,” said Gábor Bellér on behalf of the new doctors.
At the ceremony, Dr. habil. titles were also handed over: 2 candidates met the requirements for the habilitation process at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, 10 at the Faculty of Humanities, 6 at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, 4 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and 6 at the Faculty of Science and Technology, amounting to 28 new habilitated doctors.
List of new holders of Dr. habil. title
The Senate of the University of Debrecen awarded the title Professor Emeritus/ Professor Emerita to four of its retired professors. This title acknowledges the accomplishments of the most prominent professors of the university as well as their work done for the university and, at the same time, it provides certain rights and conditions for their further work. The title has been conferred onto Professors Mihály Imre, Erzsébet Rózsa, Béla Baranyi, and András Kovács.
At the ceremony, special prizes and awards of distinction were also presented. The award A Debreceni Egyetem Agrártudományi Központ Tudományos Aranyérme was presented to the research community of Nyíregyházi Kutatóintézet Növénynemesítési és Biotechnológiai Osztály as an acknowledgement of their academic achievements in 2015.
The Senate awarded the prize Debreceni Egyetem Publikációs Díja [Publication Prize of the University of Debrecen] for the first time in 2008.  It may be awarded to a professor or researcher working at the university who has published the findings of a research project conducted at the university in the form of an internationally acknowledged publication and made it available online in the university database. Based upon the recommendation of Tudományos és Kutatóegyetemi Tanács [Academic and Research University Council], the recipients of the prize, in the field of molecular science, were Henrietta Horváth and her co-authors, in the field of physics, computing and material science, it was academician Kálmán Győry, in the field of molecular medicine, assistant professor Attila Borbély and his co-authors, in the field of health and environmental science, assistant professor László Antal and his co-authors, while in the field of philology, cultural science and bioethics, teaching assistant Leó Márton Zaccaria.
Two scientists, namely Professors Lorenz Srulek Cederbaum and Werner Hacke from the University of Heidelbergi received a Doctor Honoris Causa title of the University of Debrecen from Rector Zoltán Szilvássy.
“The title doctor honoris causa is an appreciation of such a high level that our university grants it only in truly exceptional cases. When the Senate of the University of Debrecen decided that Professors Dr. Lorenz Srulek Cederbaum and Dr. Werner Hacke should receive a doctor honoris causa title from us, the members of the Senate were certain that the candidates satisfied in all respects the requirements necessary to fulfill in order to receive this honor. Awarding this title is indeed an acknowledgment for the recipient, but I would also like to emphasize that it is equally an honor and privilege for the institution that confers it,” said László Csernoch.
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