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Classrooms for Generation Z at the University

The latest sign of the info-communicational conquest in education is that the first two “smart classrooms” have been inaugurated recently in Affiliated School of the University of Debrecen and at Faculty of Economics and Business.
“The role of info-communicational tools today is very important in public education, as the kids who start school these days belong to generation Z, whose members learn how to use a smart phone before they learn to walk,” – said Mrs. Denich, Mónika Tímea Hajdu, at the inauguration ceremony of the special classroom of Kossuth Lajos Affiliated Grammar and Primary School of the University of Debrecen on Monday.
Classrooms for Generation Z at the University 
According to the deputy director of the school, these kids are used to receiving information quickly and to practicing multi-tasking. Their communication channels and customs have completely changed recently, as well as their learning techniques. The new smart classroom in the school will help teachers to keep up with these changes. As regards the other institution, would-be teachers there will get a chance to learn how to use creatively these info-communicational tools in the process of learning and teaching. In the smart classroom, students can use five workstations at the same time fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, including projectors, iPads, and interactive student desks.
“For us, this is the classroom of the future, which can serve education in several ways: it will make classes more enjoyable, it will replace the old-fashioned frontal technique in teaching with pair and teamwork-based tasks, and it will favor the development of communicational skills,” said Vice Rector Elek Bartha.
A similar classroom has been completed for the use of the students of the University of Debrecen at the Faculty of Economics and Business, and an additional interactive smart board has been installed in the Sport Science Educational Center. The university has purchased the hardware and the software from a company of more than 80 years of related experience, which also participated in the preparation of the teachers for the new tasks.  They will develop a new methodology tailored to local requirements at the University of Debrecen, which will then become a benchmark for the new digital educational system.
“It is very important that the university has benefited from this investment through the new methodology and the two special classrooms. We did not only buy tablets and interactive smart boards but also a system that the company called Ricoh has already tested in the biggest countries of the world. The very first example of such a complex system in Hungary has been installed in the city of Debrecen,” said Chancellor Zoltán Bács.
The total budget for the investment has been HUF 25 million, which the university covered out of funding that it has applied for beforehand. At the Faculty of Economics and Business, it will be for the students majoring in sports science and trade-marketing that teaching material packages for educational teams will be developed, while at the grade school, it will be mostly the senior grades that will be able to use the smart classroom in the best way.
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