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World-Class Quality Hand Instruments for the Students
16. Feb. 2016
Medicor Hand Instrument Ltd. supports first-year students of medicine and dentistry by donating to them sets of instruments required for their anatomy and pathology practices.   The ...
Debrecen’s Consistory Has Been Established
10. Feb. 2016
The inaugural meeting of the body called consistory of the University of Debrecen was held this past Tuesday, where Rector Zoltán Szilvássy was elected to be the head of this new strategic ...
En Route to Russia
04. Feb. 2016
Four students of the University of Debrecen have been granted scholarships to go to the State University of Voronezh as of the middle of February.   Thanks to the cooperation between the State ...
Chinese Visitors at Our University
26. Jan. 2016
A delegation from China, here to visit the University of Debrecen, conducted negotiations about joint research projects, scholarship possibilities, and potential PhD programs to start ...
Our University Is Even Greener Than Before
25. Jan. 2016
The University of Debrecen has improved its position in the world ranking of green universities and again has managed to get into the group of the top 200 most environmentally friendly ...
Educatio 2016 + VIDEO!
15. Jan. 2016
This year the Educatio International Education Exhibition, at which the University of Debrecen has been a regular guest since its inception, will be held for the 16th time.   Hungary’s ...
Even higher up the rankings
14. Jan. 2016
Last year the University of Debrecen improved its position in several international rankings and still maintains its leading position among Hungarian institutions of higher ...
Bosnians seek the university’s expertise
12. Jan. 2016
The universities of Debrecen and Sarajevo will work together in the fields of berry fruits, the dairy sector, and the production and development of beef.   The joint project between the ...
The Chancellor’s interview with the Napló
22. Dec. 2015
The University of Debrecen has balanced its books: its debt decreased by billions in 2015 - said the chancellor, Zoltan Bács, in his interview with the Hajdú-Bihar Napló. Debrecen. The ...
An Ambassador's Visit to the University
19. Dec. 2015
During her visit to Debrecen, Marie-France André, Belgium's ambassador to Hungary, appointed four months ago, also paid a visit to the University.   The diplomat would like to get to know ...
Pharma-Flight centre opened
12. Dec. 2015
“This facility is unique also internationally, as nowhere else are the physiological effects of flying studied in such a complex way,” emphasised Zoltán Szilvássy, rector.   The ...
Winter Graduation Ceremonies
11. Dec. 2015
The traditional winter graduation ceremonies at the University of Debrecen begin this weekend and continue until mid-February.   The first ceremony – this Sunday, 13 December – will ...
Debrecen Award given to American Cancer Researcher
11. Dec. 2015
Professor Carl H. June received this year the “Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine.”   “The University of Debrecen, Faculty of General Medicine, has been committed for ...
The New Doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
07. Dec. 2015
Sixty-two researchers, including five from the University of Debrecen, received their diplomas certifying the awarding of the title Doctor of the Academy.   The ceremony was held on 4 December ...
77 Years in the Making
27. Nov. 2015
The Sport Sciences Educational Center of the University of Debrecen has finally been inaugurated, and there is no less than an actual sports legend to meet at the entrance to the ...
Expanding International Relations
26. Nov. 2015
In the course of just two days, the ambassadors of two separate and distant countries to Hungary, the heads of the diplomatic mission from the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Ecuador, ...
Victory at the Closing of This Fall’s Football University
26. Nov. 2015
There were at least four hundred Hungarian soccer experts attending the closing presentation of the fall lecture series on football at the university, held by Italian national team's Director of ...
Record Turnout at DExpo
21. Nov. 2015
This year’s DExpo did not only mark a jubilee, but it also turned out to be the most popular of its kind so far, as there were as many as 4600 participants altogether attending the open days ...
Academic Possibilities in Australia
03. Nov. 2015
On the occasion of his visit to Debrecen on November 3, David Stuart, Ambassador of Australia to Vienna, Austria, inquired about the Australian seminars offered at the University of ...
University Professors Receive Award
26. Oct. 2015
The city of Debrecen acknowledged the achievements of two professors employed by the University of Debrecen on the occasion of October 23 by presenting them with Hatvani Awards.   Every year, on ...