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Current Trends in Information Technology
22. Mar. 2016
Students participating in 14th Information Technology Professional Days can not only obtain practical experience but they can also make the process of finding and getting a job for themselves a lot ...
Broadening Horizons in Our Relations with Egypt
19. Mar. 2016
Year by year, there are more and more students coming to the University of Debrecen from Egypt; and this kind of cooperation may become even more intensive in the ...
Fulbright Scholarships to the USA
09. Mar. 2016
The Fulbright Hungarian-American Exchange Program Committee has been to the University of Debrecen to give a presentation about its scholarship programs available for the 2017/18 academic ...
More Jordanian students can study at Debrecen
07. Mar. 2016
Thanks to a scholarship program, in the next academic year the University of Debrecen will receive another hundred new students from Jordan.   The inter-state agreement between Jordan and ...
The new generation of academics – without frontiers
04. Mar. 2016
The Balassi Institute organised a conference for doctoral students from Transcarpathia, Transylvania, Slovakia, and Vojvodina at the University of Debrecen. - The Márton Aron Specialist College ...
Cooperation with Macedonia
26. Feb. 2016
Student and faculty exchange programmes will be added to the existing agreement between the Universities of Debrecen and Skopje in the field of ethnography.   The professor at the institute of ...
Success of Surgery Residents from Debrecen in the United States
24. Feb. 2016
Two young residents from the University of Debrecen have won the Jeopardy Competition championship game organized by the Joint [European and American] Council on Thoracic Surgery Education, ...
Under a Lucky Star
22. Feb. 2016
The system of chancellors has come through with flying colors in the largest institution of higher education outside the capital city of Hungary. Here is an excerpt from the interview granted by ...
French Connection
19. Feb. 2016
The Ambassador of France to Hungary has discussed cooperation possibilities in the fields of medicine, health, and agriculture at the University of Debrecen.   His Excellency, Ambassador ...
The Largest Investment at the University in 2015
17. Feb. 2016
From the preparatory phases to the inauguration ceremony, Multimedia Competence Center was busy recording the implementation process of Sports Science Education Center of the University of ...
World-Class Quality Hand Instruments for the Students
16. Feb. 2016
Medicor Hand Instrument Ltd. supports first-year students of medicine and dentistry by donating to them sets of instruments required for their anatomy and pathology practices.   The ...
Debrecen’s Consistory Has Been Established
10. Feb. 2016
The inaugural meeting of the body called consistory of the University of Debrecen was held this past Tuesday, where Rector Zoltán Szilvássy was elected to be the head of this new strategic ...
En Route to Russia
04. Feb. 2016
Four students of the University of Debrecen have been granted scholarships to go to the State University of Voronezh as of the middle of February.   Thanks to the cooperation between the State ...
Chinese Visitors at Our University
26. Jan. 2016
A delegation from China, here to visit the University of Debrecen, conducted negotiations about joint research projects, scholarship possibilities, and potential PhD programs to start ...
Our University Is Even Greener Than Before
25. Jan. 2016
The University of Debrecen has improved its position in the world ranking of green universities and again has managed to get into the group of the top 200 most environmentally friendly ...
Educatio 2016 + VIDEO!
15. Jan. 2016
This year the Educatio International Education Exhibition, at which the University of Debrecen has been a regular guest since its inception, will be held for the 16th time.   Hungary’s ...
Even higher up the rankings
14. Jan. 2016
Last year the University of Debrecen improved its position in several international rankings and still maintains its leading position among Hungarian institutions of higher ...
Bosnians seek the university’s expertise
12. Jan. 2016
The universities of Debrecen and Sarajevo will work together in the fields of berry fruits, the dairy sector, and the production and development of beef.   The joint project between the ...
The Chancellor’s interview with the Napló
22. Dec. 2015
The University of Debrecen has balanced its books: its debt decreased by billions in 2015 - said the chancellor, Zoltan Bács, in his interview with the Hajdú-Bihar Napló. Debrecen. The ...
An Ambassador's Visit to the University
19. Dec. 2015
During her visit to Debrecen, Marie-France André, Belgium's ambassador to Hungary, appointed four months ago, also paid a visit to the University.   The diplomat would like to get to know ...