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Velodrome being built in Debrecen

The sports science trainings and research as well as the performance diagnostics background of the University of Debrecen have all played a role in the decision of the Hungarian government that one of the country’s new velodromes should be built in Debrecen.

- Based on the government decree special velodromes will be built in three places int he country: an olympic velodrome in the capital, one in Western and one in Eastern Hungary. After visiting all the potential sites, Debrecen was chosen as the Eastern-Hungary site, said Máriusz Révész, Commissioner for Active Hungary, at a press conference in Nagyerdei Stadium on 28 June.

The Commissioner explained that of the three velodromes, the one in the capital will be suitable for organising world championships and olympic competitons, while the two other facilities will serve the purpose of improving the infrastructural conditions of cycle sport.

- The government’s aim is to make Hungary one of the most liveable countries in Europe by 2020. To that end, we need facilities that contibute to more active and healthier lifestyles, Máriusz Révész stressed.

Debrecen mayor László Papp thanked the government for helping debrecen to obtain a central role in the region in the field of cycle sport, too.

- This facility puts Debrecen on the map of cycle sport not only in eastern Hungary but in the  international arena as well. Even within the European Union there are few cities like Debrecen, which has such a high level sport infrastructure in swimming , athletic fields and football stadiums. Acceess to these sports facilities is an important factor in improving quality of life, said László Papp.

The mayor added that, within the framework of the „Új Főnix Terv „ (New Phoenix Plan) targeting the development of Debrecen preparations are under way for new bicycle paths tens of kilometres long.

Chancellor of the University of Debrecen, Zoltán Bács emphasised that both the university and the city do thir best to ensure that the people who wish to do sports are met with the best possible conditions.

- Cycle sport is extremely important for the University of Debrecen, too, since it is sport that heavily relies on the latest advancements of science  and up-to-date methods of performance diagnostics, the Chancellor explained.

Zoltán Bács expressed his hope that the new faciltiy will attract cyclists to the city who will later pursue their studies at the University of Debrecen.

Péter Princzinger , Chairman of the Hungarian Association of Cyclists, told those present that the sports science trainings and research as well as the performance diagnostics background of the University of Debrecen have all played a role in venue selection.

- The nearest cities with a similar velodrome are Vienna and the Warsaw agglomeration, hence we are counting on the interest of sports people in neighbouring countries. In addition to Debrecen’s good accessibilty,  another important aspect was the fact that Kontent-DKSI, the largest supply base of Hungarian road cycle sport, also works in Debrecen, added Péter Princzinger.

At the press conference it was mentioned that in the next few months a decision will be made about the exact place of the velodrome/training centre after examining all circumstances. Among the recommended target places there is also a property that belongs to the university. Building of the velodrome is scheduled to start in 2020.

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