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Sumo Wrestling in Kossuth Gyakorló

Lego robots matched their skills on Wednesday in Debreceni Egyetem gyakorlóiskolája [Grade School of the University of Debrecen]. The programmable robots had been constructed by kids in their extracurricular robotics classes.

It was not overweight Japanese warriors but tiny robots that tried to push each other out of a circle-shaped pitch on Wednesday afternoon in Kossuth Gyakorló Arany János téri iskolája [Kossuth Gyakorló Arany János téri Grade School]. Teams of two pupils with contestants of their own design arrived at the second municipal Lego Sumo Championship from as many as nine educational institutions of Debrecen and even from a school in Balmazújváros in addition to the host Debreceni Egyetem Kossuth Lajos Gyakorló Gimnáziuma és Általános Iskolája.

“We have introduced robotics classes in the afternoon about six years ago at Arany János tér, and they have been very popular ever since with the kids in our school. The classes are perfect for developing the mechanic skills of the pupils and they also represent a gateway to the world of programming,” said deputy head of the institution Mónika Tímea Denichné Hajdu.

The municipal Lego Sumo Championship tournament was held in the framework of an event sponsored from funds received for career orientation with the aim of attracting kids to natural and exact sciences, including math and information technology. The winning robot was the one that got pushed out of the 123-centimeter mini dojo platform the least amount of times during the course of the tournament.


Final results:
1st place: MASTERS - Kossuth Gyakorló Arany János téri feladatellátási hely (Zalán Kovács and Viktor Győrvári, Teacher Sándor Ardai)
2nd place: KISOTÓ - Gönczi Pál Általános Iskola (László Szentesi and Tamás Kerekes, Teacher Sándorné Fazekas)
3rd place: Balmaz-BrickMaster - BSZC Veres Péter Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola (Tamás Gercsák and Erik Höbe, Teacher Róbert Orbán)
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